All of life is in relationship to the Divine.  When we recognize this basic fact, we choose to enter onto the aware spiritual path.  We choose to consciously develop life as an offering to the Divine.

How can we cultivate our relationship with the Divine?  There are many methods and practices, but across all time and all traditions it is universally acknowledged that the practice of creating a special, designated space for spiritual practice and contemplation is among the most powerful.

In this workshop you will learn how to create an externalization of your inner spiritual life in the form of an altar or sacred space.  Some of the components we will learn to work with include:

  • elemental components--earth, water, fire, air, ether, consciousness--and how they work together
  • the power of spoken Word and instrumental vibration
  • how to assign the quality of "Divine" to any image or design that meets your personal criteria
  • representative objects of past, present and future
  • the power of offerings
  • physical postures and gestures to interact with your Divine space

You will have the opportunity to put these principles into practice as you design your own sacred space at the workshop.  You will be invited to bring a collection of personal items to the workshop and there will be a variety of materials supplied for you to work with as well.  You will learn to arrange all the components of your sacred space to evoke the spiritual condition that you are consciously working to cultivate at any point in your life.  The altar becomes a functional machine generating the energy conducive to your spiritual development.

Through your sacred space, you learn to cultivate your inner garden by tending to and nurturing its outward expression.  In doing so, you draw nearer to the Divine each time you practice.  It becomes an integral and central part of the flow and vibration of your life.