Miracle of the Crucifixion of Christ: Purification of Global Karma

On Easter Sunday millions of people across the globe celebrate the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.  The various churches and sects that worship the Christ each offer an explanation for the significance of the events 2017 years ago in Jerusalem.  Perhaps the most common thread found among them is that "Christ died for the sins of the world".  How can we understand this in a way that is relevant and useful to Yogic spiritual practice?


From a Yogic perspective, "sin" can be roughly equated to "karma".  Karma is "action".  All that we do, whether by commission or omission, generates an energetic effect.  Each action either results in a knot or blockage in our Divine energy field, or it results in a freer flow in that field.  We could define that energy field as the "Soul". 

"Sins" would be actions which produce separation from the Divine.  Sins are out of alignment with the fullness of Divine Will.  Sins tend to be actions which proceed from attachment and aversion.  Sins are small self centric rather than Divine Self focused.  Sins bind the Soul in a web of knots which limits its ability to align with the Divine source.

As individuals have a Soul, the World as a whole also has a Karmic field.  At the time of Christ, for many thousands of years, humanity had engaged in constant wars of conquest.  Conquered nations were routinely obliterated and enslaved.  It was accepted that to wield unlimited power over others was the ideal of life.  Deities were invoked primarily to curry favor to be empowered for worldly gain.  Humanity, with few scattered and ocassional exceptions, lived in nearly total separation from the Divine source.


Every so often, when societal or global karmic imbalance needs to readjusted, the Divine will produce an Avatar.  An Avatar, such as Jesus Christ, is a Divine incarnation born without karmic imprint and as such is free from the outset to channel Divine Will and Divine Intelligence without obstruction or obscuration.  It should be noted that all Beings and phenomenon are Divine in nature, but are born with karmic fields that prevent them from knowing and realizing that Divinity.  The Realization of inherent Divinity is the very purpose of yogic process.  In general, with very few exceptions, it is a difficult, long and arduous process because of the weight and strength of the karmic web in which we are ensnared.  Avatars such as the Christ, however, are able to pursue the Divine intent as soon as the cognitive faculties have formed.  Their path in life is immediately clear to them and they receive unimpeded Divine inspiration effortlessly.


During his ministry, Christ often referred to his eventual betrayal and death.  He knew that it was his role to speak the Truth of Love and that in the context of the karmic conditions of the time, the majority of people would hate him for it.  In general, humans absolutely despise the Truth.  This is so because the Truth is like a crystal clear mirror held up to the face which perfectly reflects the ugly, twisted Truth of one's karmic condition.  The overwhelming majority of people choose to cast that mirror to the ground and smash it to bits rather than face the Truth of their inner selves and their alienation from Divine source.  And they will passionately hate the one who showed them even a glimpse of their true reflection.


During his Passion, Jesus was brutally beaten and tortured.  He was spat upon, stoned, kicked, ridiculed, cursed and despised by both his captors and public onlookers.  The Truth of his Love unleashed an unprecedented vomitous reaction of fear, hatred and vitriol.  Christ had known all along that His cup would be filled with the very worst of human karmas.  But He chose to drink the bitterness from the cup in order to transmute it into the nectar of Divine Love.  And this goes to the core of his spiritual mission and the significance of his crucifixion.  

Christ willingly and lovingly took upon himself all the abuse, hatred and violence of humanity so that he could embody those karmas for all of us.  And then through the Divine power, he was able to transmute the accumulated global karma into Love.   This transmutation of karma was so powerful it caused earthquakes, storms and lightning.  The world was literally shaken.  It was said that the tapestry in the Temple of Solomon that separated the public area from the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept was torn in two, signifying that the veil of separation between humanity and Divine source was destroyed.

This transmutation of global karmas was an act of the highest Yoga Tantra.  Tantra is the process by which energetic blockages and distortions such as karma, samskara, vasana and vritti and dissolved and neutralized through surrender to Divine Will.  Yogis across many traditions appeal to Divinity in many varied forms to empower this transmutation.  Here, Vajrayogini of the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric tradition drinks from a cup full of human vileness in order to transmute it into the nectar of pure Divinity.

Vajrayogini, Tantric Goddess of Purification

Vajrayogini, Tantric Goddess of Purification

By His death and resurrection, Jesus opened a direct pathway to Divinity for all humanity.  In releasing the global accumulation of karmas that held humanity in thrall, Sri Yeshua so thoroughly Divinized his body that he was able to raise its purified form three days later, as he had promised. He conquered hate, violence and Death in a single masterful stroke.  And what is more important, in doing so he showed us all a powerful path towards Realization of Divinity.  When we are faced with hatred, scorn, ridicule, deceit, manipulation, lies or even physical violence, we can follow the path of Sri Yeshua and choose to absorb these actions and use the Divine power in our hearts to transmute the karmas at their source.  When we use our open, compassionate hearts to transmute the karma of those who act as enemies, we Divinize our bodies physically and energetically, aide the individuals who attack us and raise the global spiritual vibratory level as well.


If you want a Sanskrit chant to invoke Sri Yeshua the Christ to aide in purifying your own heart or the hate and anger of others, try "Om Jaya Sri Yeshua Namaha" while sitting before His image.

I wrote this in part because recently I received a darshan (direct blessing of presence) of Lord Jesus Christ when in meditation He placed his hand on my heart to free me of anger and hatred and permanently open my Heart Chakra, leading to a new phase of my spiritual journey.  Om Jaya Sri Yeshua Namaha!

Easter blessings to all!