Conscious Evolution: Part I, The Fruit of Human Existence

This series presents the framework of a Spirit Science of Conscious Evolution that leads to the Fulfillment of the Human Being as Divine Gnosis and the resulting Immortal Spiritual Body of Light.

Part I introduces the Human Being as a Function of the Divine Evolutionary impulse to emerge from Consciousness into Existence and then Know itself in the Gnosis of Divinity and Human Being.

Only an apple tree makes apples.  Its entire being is organized from its most essential level to give forth the fruit that we call "apple".  We can say that the apple tree also does other things such as offer shade, give off oxygen, shelter birds and provide food for insects.  But other trees and other forms of life perform those functions as well, so therefore they are clearly ancillary effects that are rendered as the apple tree inevitably goes about its true purpose of creating apples.  An apple tree exists to produce apples.

The apple tree at no point has any doubt about its function.  From the moment it first takes root from seed, every aspect of its being is driven towards the ultimate task it has been assigned.  Its roots spread to absorb nutrients and water from the soil.  Its trunk conducts the nutritive elements from the ground up into its body and branches.  Its branches grow to provide support for its canopy of leaves and eventually the fruit itself.  It produces leaves to capture the sunlight.  It blooms and attracts pollinating bees and birds.  All of the above is done with the exclusive intent of giving forth apples.


Our experience of Life and the entire context within which it unfolds can be understood as the product of a continuous natural flow from a field of limitless and formless Consciousness to Existence as formed limitation.  This is the basic mechanism by which all arises and develops.  There is also a return flow from Existence back to Consciousness which occurs spontaneously, ending with Death, or occurs through conscious means, as with spiritual practice.  The binary cycle can either continue again or it can be resolved into the 3rd state, which could be called Gnosis or Yoga.

"An apple tree exists to produce apples"

No thing comes into Existence from the Divine without fulfilling a Function.  The Divine does not give random and useless fruit.  It creates that which fulfills Divine Purpose.  From the Consciousness-Existence flow of Divinity a Function becomes required to further the unfolding process.  A corresponding Form then comes into Being to fulfill the Function.  Purpose establishes Function and Function determines Form. 

All manner of beings have a function and a role in the greater design.  Each individual member of a species, just like each apple tree, is driven by a unifying imperative.  Apple trees have no problem making apples.  Birds take no issue with flying.  Worms do not seem to struggle at all with aerating and fertilizing the soil.  Lions do their part to keep the herd populations of the savannah in balance.  The Function of many phenomena is relatively easy to observe.  Yet the function of Human Beings in the Divine purpose remains poorly understood and ill-defined.  

What is the fruit of Human existence?  What is it that defines the human imperative?  What are we, as a species and as individual members of it, here to do?  What is our function in the grand design?  These are questions with which the philosophies and philosophers spanning the ages have grappled and largely left void of truly satisfying answers.  

Only an apple tree makes apples.  What is the function that only the Human can fulfill?


Whether the span of Human history to date has been 6,000 or 60,000 or even 6,000,000 years, it is certainly a very short-lived existence in evolutionary and cosmological terms.  Humanity is a child race.  We are just now testing the boundaries of the limited confines of our planetary play pen.  There's little doubt that on an evolutionary basis, we have yet to achieve the fullness of our development.

Current thought on the subject of future Human evolution tends to the assumption that we will continue the species as a merger of biology and technology.  This "Transhumanism" is a trend that projects the most recent phase of Human development--the cultivation of mental faculties leading to technological innovation--continuously forward into the future.  According to this view, natural biological evolution will be interrupted by self-directed techgnosis.  

"No thing comes into Existence from the Divine without fulfilling a Function"

While I would agree that such a merger of man and machine does have the potential to alter further biological evolution of the species, I believe if this were to occur it would merely mark a schism in the evolutionary path of Humanity.  One part of the species would evolve as Man-Machine and another part would continue to evolve according to Natural and Spiritual evolutionary forces.

Darwinian evolutionists regard biology as the process by which a species develops and adapts to environmental imperatives.  This view focuses on a prominent effect, however, while missing the underlying causative impulse.  Darwinians view biology as the highest expression of matter and self-aware brain function as the pinnacle of biological development.  Generally the scientifically-minded evolutionist is looking ahead towards some substantive increase in the full usage of Human brain power as a parallel development of computer processing power.  From there it's an easy step to accept the imperative that only through biological and computer technology can Mankind advance further along its evolutionary path.  Our current usage of only 5% of our brain would be increased through some combination of computer electronics, bioengineering, pharmacology and endocrinology.

"Conscious Evolution recognizes biological evolution but places it within the context of the progressive development of Consciousness."

Conscious Evolution recognizes biological evolution but places it within the context of the progressive development of Consciousness.  Natural evolution is understood as the process by which source Consciousness energy first takes form as inconscient Matter which then gradually evolves to attain Consciousness through a process of Divine Will expressed as Divine Intelligence.  The first levels of Intelligence emerge with the interplay of basic particles, atoms and molecules leading to simple chemical interactions, followed by the emergence of biological functions, increasingly complex organisms and then progressive levels of self-awareness.  In the Human Being, Matter comes to consciously know itself and the Universe that produced it.  Conscious Evolutionists, such as Saint Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal, Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin advocate that the next level of evolution occurs as Matter, through the agency of the Human Being, comes to know itself as the very Consciousness from which Matter originated.  The circle of Evolution is completed as the Creation knows itself as the Creator.


That which religionists refer to as God or Divinity is the limitless field of Consciousness that is the underlying source of all creation and the font unto which all returns.  While Conscious Evolution fully acknowledges the incomprehensible greatness of the Divine, it also recognizes that Divine Will expresses itself though Natural Law.  The Human mind is incapable of conceiving the scale, breadth and depth of Divinity yet still we can to some degree observe and bear witness to Divine Purpose and Intent.  Divinity is incomprehensible, yet also observable.

"Conscious Evolution recognizes biological evolution but places it within the context of the progressive development of Consciousness.  Natural evolution is understood as the process by which source Consciousness energy first takes form as inconscient Matter which then gradually evolves to attain Consciousness"

The natural tendency of Consciousness to develop towards greater and more varied expressions of its innate potency, often referred to in the Yogas of India as Iccha Shakti (Will Power), causes new form and function to be fulfilled through an evolutionary process.  Evolution is the natural response of Consciousness as a new Function emerges in the matrix of its unfolding process, thus requiring a new form to fulfill it.  

For example, at some point in the evolutionary development of Consciousness, the form and function of the reptile evolved beyond its original intent and began to manifest the characteristics of a bird.  Eventually the reptile took flight and Matter had evolved from crawling along the earth to flying through the air.  The emerging Function of Flight placed a demand on the evolutionary impulse and it was met by the emergence of the corresponding necessary Form.

Just as evolution did not end with the lizard, nor has it ended with the bird, it has also yet to fully complete the project known as Human Being.  Most futurists envision the further evolution of Humanity in terms of a techgnosis of Human and Machine.  But the spiritually attuned know that the future development of the species is unfolding as a Gnosis of Human and God.


Here we are using the term "Gnosis" to characterize the process and the result of the process by which the Jivatman (expression of Divine Consciousness) realizes its inherent Divinity.  "Gnosis" has been used by many others to represent many different spiritual connotations.

Here, we are talking not of a process of addition or even of subtraction, but of revelation.  The Jivatman is and always has been fully Divine in nature, but that Divinity has not been experienced or lived directly.  The underlying Divine Nature gradually rises to the surface to be revealed.  Nothing essential is added or subtracted, only the nature of experience is transformed.  

Gnosis is the process of Divine Nature.  It is no different than an apple tree giving forth apples.  As the apple tree does not effort or learn to give apples, Human Beings eventually produce Gnosis without there being any work or individual attainment or achievement involved.  As the apple tree is the natural instrument by which the Divine manifests apples, the Human Being has the potential to manifest Gnosis.

The Function of the Human Being is to develop the capacity to know and realize itself as one and the same with the Divine.  The culmination of this process is the total Surrender to the basic, inescapable fact that the Human Being is playing out the role of a Form consciously discovering itself as the Divine.  In this Surrender there is a total dissolution of every notion of a separate being with an independent Will.  It is fully known and energetically realized that all Will is Divine Will.  All distinction between the individualized Being and the Divine is extinguished.  There is gnosis of Human and God.

"...the next level of evolution occurs as Matter, through the agency of the Human Being, comes to know itself as the very Consciousness from which Matter originated"

All Existence, all Matter, all Beings and all Humans are inherently and fully Divine in nature at all times.  The Conscious Evolution of the Human does not involve a process of becoming Divine or becoming more fully Divine, since Divinity is already inherent in Being.  Rather, the process is one of the Human becoming increasingly more Conscious of its intrinsic Divinity.  The Evolution of the Divine Consciousness in Human form involves the Form recognizing, aligning with and surrendering to its Purpose of providing shape to and expression of Consciousness.  It can then serve as the means by which Consciousness and Existence merge as Being.

Conscious Realization of Divinity is the catalyzing of Human potential.  The elements required for the process are present in all Humans, yet they remain latent and uncatalyzed in almost all but the rarest cases.  This catalysis involves every level of Being:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Psychic, Divine.  This catalyzing process is generally known as Life.  Life is the process of catalyzing and fulfilling the inherent potential of each Being.

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