Monday Is Now Fasting Day

Monday is now a full Fasting day. I have been living a permanent Fast for well over a year now, consuming 30% less than nutritional requirements (basal metabolic rate + total activity) while maintaining a steady weight of around 150 lbs. Divine Source provides the balance of the body's energy requirements.


In that time I have never done a complete fasting day. I just never felt inspired to do so. Since I am very physically active 6 days out of the week, it seemed an improper damand to place on the body. But now I feel ready to do a complete fast on Monday, the day that I normally curtail physical activity. 

Today I will walk 4 miles round trip to Yoga class at the gym. I may choose to do some stationary bike and push ups too, if it feels right. I'll be consuming only water with electrolytes and exogenous ketones.

Food is a supplement to Divine Shakti. Be empty to receive the Power of Divinity.

UPDATE on Monday's Fast:


It went very well. No problems, no lack of energy. I walked and did 90 minutes of asana and some stationary bike and push ups and planking. I could have done more but decided to keep it light. 

Brain felt alive and awake. Meditation was easy and energetic. Resting Heart Rate dropped to 42 from 50-52 normally, which would indicate a stress-free experience. I did have some kefir and coconut cream late in the day to coat and sooth the stomach, but really no hunger pangs. 

I only slept 3.5 hours and got up in the early morning for meditation. Breakfast was fresh homemade farmer's cheese with blueberries. Feeling great!

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