The very purpose of existence and of all our doings is to grow in relationship to the Divine.  Every life situation, all objects of focus and each treasured experience is a MEANS through which we align with the Divine.  Career, romantic partnership, car, house, property, vacations, travel, physical accomplishments....these are not ENDS in and of themselves but merely MEANS by which we perfect our Being through life and so approach the fulfillment of Divine purpose.  

We live and work for to arrive at happiness, joy, bliss, contentment, fulfillment.  We orient our lives to acquire the things and experiences that we believe will grant us these prized states of being.  We keep long lists of conditions and successes that we feel are required to justify our enjoyment of these qualities. 

The plain and simple fact is that we can live in happiness and fulfillment today, RIGHT NOW…without all the toil and suffering and stress normally associated with "getting there".  As all the sages and teachers and yogis throughout the ages have tried to tell us in innumerable ways, it's our Divine unconditional birthright to be happy, peaceful and contented!