Across all traditions the saints and sages and teachers agree:  surrender to the Divine is the most essential component of spiritual realization.  Yet it is the most difficult thing for us to do.  The very notion of relinquishing control or bowing down to any other power is anathema to our ego.  

Surrender to the Divine is the greatest victory in Life.  The choice is obvious and clear: eIther in Death after suffering through life's troubles or in Life through spiritual practice, one way or another, we will ultimately surrender it all to the Divine source.  In this workshop we will learn how to align with the Divine now in Life and reap the benefits of joy, bliss, contentment, health, inner peace, connectedness, goodwill, prosperity and Divine Love.

We will learn to understand and feel and cultivate the Power of Surrender.  Physical postures that evoke surrender, meditations, vocalizations and prayer, offerings, dedication of time and merit and sacred silence are some of the tools we will explore as we learn to embrace the Power of the Divine in our lives.