So you have taken meditation classes and read some books and you really want to sit and meditate regularly's literally a pain in the ass!  Or the back.  Or the legs.  Or you just don't know the right posture.  There are many obstacles to developing a regular sitting meditation practice, and one of them is that we are never really taught how to sit properly and comfortably.  And we are not generally taught that there are other options besides sitting crossed legged on the floor!

In the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali states that "Yoga sitting posture should be both stable and firm as well as comfortable and easeful".  You will learn how to cultivate a stable, grounded base that supports a flow of graceful ease throughout the spinal column.  You will become familiar with the parts of the spine and how they properly align for meditation.   We will learn the full range of options for meditational postures, from lying down to sitting in a chair to full lotus posture.  And we will practice a variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques that will prepare you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time.

We will also learn some basic practices to build your discipline and concentration so that over time you can go from struggling through a 10 minute meditation to hours of blissful absorption in Divine Presence.