OM is the primordial sound of the Universe.  It is the root of all sound and prayer.  From OM, seed syllables emerge that help us describe and interact with the qualities of the manifest Universe.  Deities that embody the Universal qualities can be Invoked through Word according the the yogi's need along the path.  

This workshop will teach you how to master OM and power of Word as a vehicle of inner transformation and blessing.  You will learn the seed syllables and how to use them to activate your chakra energies.  You will be introduced to key mantras in the Vedic and Tantric traditions and you will go home with a mantra for daily practice and the tools to perform it.

Kirtan sessions with the Kirtan Jam LA band is also available.  Kirtan is a style of call and response singing in which prayers (mantra) are put to music.  This is a practice of Bhakti Yoga, which seeks Divine Union through Devotion and Worship and Surrender.  Singing, chanting, clapping, dancing and playing of musical instruments are some of elements experienced in Kirtan.  This is a joyful, blissful practice of the heart that can lead to rapid and real spiritual development.  Divine Love!