In the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali states that “Yoga sitting posture should be both stable and firm as well as comfortable and easeful”.  All of Yoga is designed to prepare the Yogi to sit blissfully in meditative stillness. 

This workshop/class will help identify and overcome the obstacles that frequently prevent us from starting and developing a regular sitting meditation practice.

  • become familiar with the parts of the spine and pelvis and how they properly align for meditation

  • learn the full range of options for meditational postures, from lying down to sitting in a chair to full lotus posture

  • how to use props such as blankets, bolsters, cushions, blocks and chairs

  • practice a variety of yoga poses that will prepare the body to sit comfortably for extended periods of time

  • breathing techniques to calm and center the mind and energy for meditation

  • practices to build your discipline and concentration over time

  • introduction to the range of approaches to meditation and their uses and obstacles

  • a sitting meditation session

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator, this session will give you a greater understanding and practical tools that you can put to use right away.  Over time, you can go from struggling through a 5 minute meditation to hours of blissful absorption in Divine Presence!

This session is available as a one or two day workshop or as an ongoing class and can be expanded to include the techniques of meditation as well as sitting meditation practice.