Yogi Steven offers Yoga Tarot card readings in-person and via Skype or other remote electronic media.

The Union of Divine Male and Divine Female, Shiva-Shakti

Yogi Steven was guided by the Divine Ishwara (the Supreme Teacher) to assimilate a lifetime of spiritual experience and received teachings into a deck of cards as a means to serve others along their path. The 108 card deck incorporates energetic symbolism from a wide variety of world spiritual traditions. The system is based on the Sri Yantra, the ancient diagrammatic representation of cosmic energies (Shakti) formed by the intersection of 9 triangles which is at the core of the Tantric Yoga traditions of India.

Unlike most card readings, the Yoga Tarot reading does not address the specific mundane issues of daily life. Instead, the reading reveals a personalized “Yantra” (energetic diagram) of one’s true spiritual life. It will direct the recipient towards answers and contemplations regarding:

  • What is my Spiritual Path in this lifetime?

  • What karmic knots must I address and resolve?

  • What are the major obstacles to my spiritual development at this time?

  • What spiritual practices will bring the most fruitful results for me?

  • Which teachings and traditions will guide me along my path?

The Yoga Tarot card reading is for people who recognize (or want to move in the direction of recognizing) that spiritual life is what guides and determines the quality of our mundane, daily life. For better, more balanced and harmonius results in our practical life, we need to have a good sense of our true and current relationship to the Source Divinity that creates and sustains us. And then based on that deepened understanding, we need to take practical steps along our path. Your Yoga Tarot card reading will give you that deeper understanding and point you towards specific actions that you can take to advance towards your higher spiritual self.

$40.00 / 30 minutes — $60.00 / 60 minutes

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